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  Jenn Case owner of Chaos Studio Salon

As most of you know, we tried to expand at the old Chaos, but the landlord just wouldn’t budge. We had been having growing pains for years, so I set up yet another meeting to basically beg for more space. That was the last meeting my dad and I had with the landlord because I started crying (which is not the norm for me unless I am extremely frustrated). I finally realized that day that he was never going to let the expansion take place… ever. Now to me, it was like having to give up my first born child and for years, I just refused to sink. One of my amazing friends and guests said, “This is your rough draft and the new Chaos will be your final copy.” I knew I had to find a new home for the team and our guests that was bigger and better than the original. I remember the last straw was when the roof was leaking (again) and we had no heat in the salon. I text my dad and said, “Dad, I’m freaking out… It’s raining in the salon.” His response, “So who does that leave to do something... ” I said, “Me. Us.”

That day we started planning the new Chaos Studio Salon.

On July 20, 2012 we met with Karen, my current landlord, to discuss the lease and our plans for the new Chaos. From that day forward there were countless emails, texts and phone calls flooded with ideas for the space. We spent every single day for months making each and every detail just right and the best part was, we got to do it together. My dad has always been my favorite person and to be able to spend everyday with him and create something so special was just a blessing. Six months later we opened the doors at the new Chaos and my dad got called back to work. He was laid off the entire time we were doing the build out… talk about perfect timing. Man, what a journey it was.

Chaos Studio Salon is located at 116 Macomb Place, Mount Clemens MI

Cheers to my dad, the new Chaos Studio Salon and all of our loyal guests who made this all possible!

  Chaos Studio Salon offers OPI Gelcolor
The beginning of the front

Chaos Studio Salon offers Great Lengths Extensions

The amazing after

  Chaos Studio Salon offers OPI Gelcolor
Before & After of the entrance and color bar

Chaos Studio Salon offers Great Lengths Extensions

Before & After of the style bar

  Chaos Studio Salon
The creative process before...during and after..

  Chaos Studio Salon offers OPI Gelcolor
Bubble Bar Before..

Chaos Studio Salon offers Great Lengths Extensions


Bombshell Bride Erin

and After.

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