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We’re Your New Hair Bestie

At Chaos we offer a variety of services to keep you looking and feeling your best. Drop by for a blowout, or stay awhile and transform your whole look. We want your hair to look great even when you’re not in our chair.

You’re tired of jumping from one salon to another, looking for the perfect fit. We hear you. Chaos offers a cozy atmosphere where our guests feel relaxed and at home. Kick back in one of our chairs with a cuppa coffee and chat to stylists and other like-minded guests.

Chaos is where hair magic happens and lasting friendships are made.


Woman Owned & Operated

Chaos is 100% woman-owned and operated since day one. When you support a small business, you’re putting food on our tables, sending our kids to school, and helping us pay our mortgages! Your support means the world to our tight-knit group of fun-loving girls. We appreciate YOU!

We Make Hair Happy

With great hair comes great responsibility. We’ll set you up with all the personalized hair care you’ll need to keep your hair looking its best. Whether you’re blonde, brunette, curly or straight, we will make specialized recommendations just for you.

Positive Vibes Only

Save the drama for your mama, Chaos has a “good vibes only” policy. Our primary focus is creating the best possible experience for each and every one of our guests, and that includes cultivating all the good vibes and sending them your way. 

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Jessica Irwin

Master Stylist 
Joined Chaos in May 2022

Paul Mitchell The School Graduate, Color Specialist + Makeup Artist 

Jessica has been doing hair for over 7 beautiful years! Her specialties are blonding and makeup and she’s always down for a challenge! She came to us when the timing was perfect because her bestie (Morgan) was going on maternity leave & we needed her to take care of her guests! She did such an amazing job that we feel so lucky to have her on team chaos for life! Thank you for being the perfect addition to our chaos family jess!

These are a few of her favorite things: Horoscopes, mexican food & dogs!

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Morgan McCarthy

Master Stylist
Joined Chaos in June 2016

Paul Mitchell The School Graduate, Men’s Cutting Specialist, Extension Specialist

Morgan came to us looking for a salon family. She wanted to learn everything she could and she was determined to be the BEST. 8 years later, Morgan is one of our TOP Master Stylists who is booked out for months at a time! She adores blonding and vivid, bold colors. She also loves changing it up on her own hair constantly, which always keeps all of us guessing!

Her favorite things are: her baby boy Ronan, family, nature & gaming.

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Becca Pomaville

Master Stylist
Joined Chaos in July 2016

Paul Mitchell The School Graduate, Makeup Artist, Color Correction Specialist, Extension Specialist

I want to start by saying I’ve never seen Becca in a bad mood. Like ever. She’s the happiest person on the face of the earth. She’s always smiling and is a definite “yes” person. She’ll do and accomplish any task you ask her to do. It’s a beautiful thing! She’s always down to do something fun and new with her hair and is a pro in color and the airbrush makeup!

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Jenny Farah

Chaos Coordinator
Joined Chaos in September 2021

Jenn has been a part of chaos since the beginning. She has been a loyal guest and always brought love and joy to everyone around her. We’ve wanted her to be our coordinator for some time and that time has finally come! We are lucky to have her inspiration and positivity at chaos for all to enjoy. Please don’t hesitate to let her know if you need absolutely anything from us! And thanks my girl for all you do, your loyalty and bright shining light!

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Danielle McLain

Massage Therapist
Joined Chaos in January 2022

Graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in 2003

Feeling tired, stressed, and in need of rejuvenation? Our girl has your back! Danielle spent the first 10 years of her career at St. John Physical Therapy. There she learned the skills to help clients pre and post op., as well as working with Neurological Recovery patients. Danielle specializes in Therapeutic Massage, which combines the balance of relaxation, pressure points, and stretches. It can also increase  range of motion and relieve chronic pain areas. 

She is passionate about providing a balanced,  relaxing, and customized experience. Dani is the zen to our Chaos!

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Megan Kutchey

Paul Mitchell the School Graduate + Team Assistant & Senior Stylist

Meg came to us with such enthusiasm & so eager to learn. She is a breath of fresh air. She helps each and every one of us stay on track every single day & we feel so lucky to have her on on team! She never stops cleaning & taking care of guests with her killer shampoo & head massage that’ll make your toes curl! Please help us give meg a warm welcome to the chaos girl gang!

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Hannah Kimberely

Joined team chaos April 2023
Senior Stylist | Blonding Specialist | Men’s Cutting

After doing hair in Alaska since she was 18, she moved back to her home state and came to chaos for the family vibe of empowering women! She specializes in men’s cutting and loves blonding. She’s the absolute sweetest person you have every met. Her heart is golden for sure. She is always smiling and loves to take care of people! You’ll just love her!

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Jenn Magri

Leader of Chaos & Expert Stylist
Lash Extension Specialist, National Paul Mitchell Educator

Since I’ve had the pleasure of writing everyone’s bios, I decided to do a quick write up on what I’m all about…
I have been a certified National Paul Mitchell Educator since 2005, which means I’m constantly being trained by the best in the industry! I try to live by the ‘golden rule’ and I’m a firm believer in ‘you get what you give’. At Chaos Studio Salon, we live by that same rule. 
I have been doing hair since 2002 (but I was braiding hair on the school bus LONG before that) and I feel like it’s not just what I do, it’s who I am. I have solely owned chaos since December 2005 and I was honestly petrified to be an owner. I honestly wake up everyday and love going to our happy place. I am extremely appreciative of my clients, my team, my family and my friends for helping me through this amazing adventure year after year. So, in my bio I’m going to say THANK YOU, to everyone that has helped me and supported me to get to where I am today!


Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Chelsey Ford

Master Stylist
Joined Chaos in September 2015 

Paul Mitchell The School Graduate, Blonding Specialist, Woman’s Haircuting Master

Chels worked very hard to be a part of Team Chaos and cried when she found out she got the job! She can do a men’s fade in under 9 minutes without hesitation. She’s a simple girl, originally from Brown City and loves her cowboy boots and knows all the lyrics to every country music song you can possibly think of. She is the most laid back person EVER and is always game for almost anything!

Meet the Chaos Girl Gang

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Hannah Jezak

Licensed Esthetician & Microblading Artist
Joined Chaos in September 2023

Hannah graduated with a Bachelors degree in Health Science from Oakland University & decided she wanted to follow her passion for skincare & beauty! She has been with us since we opened the new shop & we are so exctied to have her skill set on our team! She is phenomenal at facials, LOVES doing any kind of waxing & is the sweetest person ever! You are all going to absolutely adore her!

Her fav things: her two furry pups, plants & her hubby!

Chaos Milestones

Chaos is Founded

Chaos first opened in 2005 with a vision to create something unlike anything else. An exclusive experience for guests where they could feel at home. A place where people didn’t feel the need to get dressed up to be pampered. A judgment-free zone.

The Big Move

We spent 7 years at the original Chaos on New Street and in 2012 when we found our future Chaos home on Macomb Place. We now have twice the square footage with three levels and countless services that we couldn’t offer before! We are thrilled to provide an atmosphere that everyone feels welcome and happy! #WeMakeHairHappy

Celebrating 10 Years

Our 10 year anniversary at Chaos Studio Salon! So much teamwork and love went into so many years of making this dream come true. Successfully striving to make each year better and better by achieving our goals together as daymakers!

Taking it up a notch

Our 13 year anniversary sets a new standard at Chaos. With more structure and systems in place to ensure Chaos runs as smooth as humanly possible for our team and guests.

Surviving & Thriving

After a hard year for everyone in 2020 we shifted our focus on strengthening the foundation of Chaos. We hired a designer to rebrand Chaos so we can show off our amazing services and talented stylists as well as celebrate the fact that we survived 2020! Suck it COVID!

It was all a dream

Since the beginning, I have always wanted to own my own safe haven. This was our year to make the dream come true! Our options are limitless now at the new chaos! More self-care services, more empowering women to help be successful and MORE JOY to bring to everyone!

We’re just getting started. To see what we’re up to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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